Befriending Service

It’s good to talk!

Sometimes we all need someone to talk to, who is outside our normal group of family and friends. Are you fed up? Lonely? Isolated from family and friends? Or just want someone to listen or have a chat with?

To help with this, we have our Befriending service. You could be a carer / partner and want sometime talking to someone totally impartial or independent, or you could be the person with a condition and wish to talk to someone different about what is important to you.  Alternatively, we can arrange for a 'pen pal' for contact via email or a regular letter.

We will match you very carefully with a volunteer who we think you will get along with. Phone calls take place weekly at an agreed time and day for up to 30 minutes.

It is important to note that Befriending is not a counselling service – for this please see our Counselling Service page.